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Coming events / activities


Saturday October 19, 6:00: BBQ party and yatai preview. Location: Geotech (2650 E. 40th Ave., Denver). Open to members of the committee, volunteers who work on the project, and their guests.

For months, students of Takayama Technical High School have been preparing for the restoration of our yatai. Then, October 15-18 they come to Denver to work with some of our own members to actually complete their work. This event is held to recognize and honor the efforts of the Takayama and Denver people who have worked so hard to totally refresh the yatai.

Here is a page that describes the efforts and work involved

This event is a catered Western-themed BBQ meal. It is free for all the crew (and the host families for the students) and only $21 for everyone else. Includes a barbeque dinner buffet and non-alcoholic beveragers. (Alcoholic beverages will be available for a donation to the yatai project.)

Come see the completion ceremony, and be the first to see the completed work on the yatai! An exclusive opportunity. (Note: whether or not you can attend the party, there is an opportunity to support the yatai restoration project financially)

Click here to register and pre-pay. (Crew members and host families are already registered.)




Saturday November 2, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.: Japanese Culture Day celebration. Location: First Baptist Church of Denver, 1373 Grant St., Denver. Parking in the lot next to the church is open and free for the day.

The event includes talks and demonstrations on:

  • Classic Japanese music
  • Japanese architecture
  • Yosakoi dance
  • Japanese poetry
  • Japanese movies
  • Woodworking using Japanese tools
  • ... and more!

This family friendly all day event provides an opportunity to understand and observe various aspects of Japanese culture. Come and enjoy, be entertained, be informed.

Admission is free. There will be food for sale. More information is here (a pdf flyer).


"Bunka no hi" is open to all, but we would like to know if you're planning to come. Click here to register (so we have some idea of how many people to expect). (If the email link does not work for you, just send an email directly to me: steve@trainersfriend.com or call me at 303-355-2752)

Click here to see who has already signed up to come.



Tuesday November 19: Regular monthly meeting (celebrate accomplishments of 2019), 6:30-8:30-ish; location: TBA

Come celebrate the accomplishments of our group in 2019 and learn about our plans for 2020. Meet us for dinner (Dutch treat) and good times. Please RSVP so we can alert the restaurant regarding the size of our party.

Click here to see who has already signed up to come.



Find out about the Committee calendar, budgets, and so on ...

Minutes of the last meeting (.pdf document) (Last updated 27 September, 2019)

Plans for 2019 (.pdf document) (Last updated 16 September, 2019)

Plans for 2020 (.pdf document) (Last updated 11 April, 2019)

Working budget for 2019 (.pdf document) (Last updated 5 May, 2019)

Why Denver Takayama is relevant to the larger community - Japanese, Japanese-American, all interested in Japan - in Denver and Colorado (.pdf document) (Last revised 1 February, 2017)

Denver / Takayama: the first 50 Years an historical record in English and Japanese. (.pdf document) (Last revised 23 August, 2010)

Technical paper on emails
(.pdf document - Some thoughts on how to make email safer from hackers and more effective) (Written 26 March, 2015)

Getting a gun in Japan
(.pdf document) - No matter where you fall on the gun control issue, this article I found on Facebook has some intriguing ideas. (Uploaded 11 March, 2018)


 Web pages from past events 

Journey Into Japan adult trip running now, October 5-19, 2019)

Visit by high school students from Takayama August 1-6, 2019

High school students exchange trip to Japan June, 2018

Essential Japan (adult trip) June, 2018



... November 1, 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. ...
The Asian Chamber of Commerce annual dinner and gala. Held at the Salon Real Event Center, 2200 West Alameda, Suite 30. Individual tickets $70. Details here (a web page).



... November 8-9, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ...
Ikebana International of Denver is holding their annual flower show, this year the show is named "Ikebana Rocks". Always a delightful exhibition of ikebana art. There will be demonstrations both days at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The Denver chapter's web page is http://www.ikebanadenver.com/


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