Introduction to Japan - 2015
Tasks To Do Before Traveling - A check list


This page keeps track of tasks that have to be done before we leave. As you accomplish each task, let Steve know and he will update the page (you are not allowed to change it here, to maintain data integrity).


Note that an entry of 'N/A' usually indicates a person does not need to do a task because they have made special arrangements or it simply does not apply.


Person: ⇒
Task: ↓
Join Denver Sister Cities International Done Done Done Done Done
Personal info Done Done Done Done Done
Passport copy to team Done Done Done Done Done
Sign release Done Done Done Done Done
1st Payment ($2000 due 3/23) N/A Done Done Done Done
** 2nd Payment ($1700 due 3/25) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
3rd Payment ($1000 due 3/30) N/A Done Done Done Done
Emergency contact information to team   Done Done Done Done Done
Member of GOES trusted traveler program  
No Yes No Yes Yes



  • ** this is modified for those joining us in Los Angeles or anyone who is arranging their own air transporation
  • "Join Sister Cities" means you have joined Denver Sister Cities
  • "Personal info" means you have supplied information for your personal webpage on this site
  • "Passport copy" means you have allowed us to copy the first two pages of your passport
  • "Sign release" means you have signed and returned the release and waiver form
  • "Emergency contact information" includes name(s), phone number(s), email address(es), Skype address (if any) of at least one person in Denver (or your home town) and any relevant medical person whom we may need to contact
  • Tell us if you are a member of the GOES trusted traveler program
  • Click here to contact the web master.
  • All forms, checks, and other paperwork should be mailed to:
         2480 West 26th Avenue, Suite 20B
         Denver, CO 80211