Introduction to Japan - 2015
Trip memories


A collection of photo memories from the trip

Here we have organized photos that help us remember this wonderful trip.

There is a separate web page for all the stuff before the trip, and then a page for each day of the trip for which there are pictures to display.

Each page starts with the first photo of the series, with a list of captions for the other photos on the right. To see a photo, click on the caption and the picture will be downloaded. (Sometimes there is a slight delay so have a little patience here.)

Alternatively, there are buttons near the top labeled 'Prev' for previous and 'Next'. You can use these buttons to step through the pictures for that page.


Available pages:

March 30 - April 11: Pre-trip preparations

April 12/13: Getting there

April 14: Arrival in Takayama

April 15: First full day in Takayam

April 16: Shirakawa-go, kimono, welcome dinner

April 17: Kyoto and Nara

April 18: Kyoto

April 19: Kyoto, then to Hakone

April 20: Hakone then on to Tokyo

April 21: Tsukiji, Hama Rikyu Gardens, Sumida River Cruise, Asakusa

April 22: Yokohama and dinner on Tokyo Bay

April 23: Returning home