Japan In Depth - 2015
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This page contains information about events that are possibly of interest to all who are exploring our trip to Japan, as well as a timeline for events leading up to the trip.

To post information about any event you hear of that you think might be of interest, simply send an email to Steve and it will be added to the website.

    Next event:


  • September 25-26, Ikebana exhibition at the Botanic Gardens

    Future events:


  • September 27, gathering at the home of Robin Post and Jim Tait
  • October 15, LEAVE FOR JAPAN!!

    Past events:


  • Sept. 17, Theatre Yugen
  • July 3, party at Kimiko Side's house
  • July 2, 55th anniversary party at the Wellshire
  • May 26, announced trip generally
  • May 19, announced trip to committee