Japan In Depth - 2015
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Introducing Nagano

Nestled at the heart of the Japanese Alps, the city of Nagano (pop. 385,000) is famous around the world for hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics. The surrounding country of the Nagano prefecture is renowned for apples, hot springs, hiking and skiing. Nagano is a good base to sample all of them. Life in Nagano revolves around one temple, the Zenko-ji, bringing all by itself millions of visitors from all over Japan. The temple's treasure house is one of Japan's top attractions outside the Greater Tokyo region.

Information on our hotel in Nagano and possible things to do is here.


          Snow monkies (Japanese Macaque) at Jigokudani
Japanese Macaque      Macaque2

          Togakushi Shrine
     Classic temple

Togakushi Forest


Around the train station
Nagano eki







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