Japan In Depth - 2015
Denver Takayama Sister Cities


Introducing Sado Island

The island of Sado-ga-shima is 35km of the coast of Honshu, facing Niigata. It is one of Japan's largest minor islands and served as an exile place for important figures since mediaeval times.

The main reason to come to Sado is for its remoteness, rocky coastline and natural scenery, small fishing villages and an easy-going pace of life contrasting with a metropolis like Tokyo.

Information on our hotel in Sado Island and possible things to do is here.


          Tub boat - used to collect shellfish and seaweed - and for tourist rides
          Tub boat


Unique Mumyoi-yaki pottery

Delicious Okesa Persmimmon





















                   Sado yellowtail and squid - renowned


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