High School Students to Japan
June 8-22, 2016


Home page

Welcome to our place ...

... where we will plan our trip from Denver to Japan in the Summer of 2016


These webpages are for everyone involved in our adventure to find out more about this trip, and to keep informed as we get closer to our departure.

In the box at left are links for you to find out:

  • itinerary details
  • pricing information
  • who else is taking this trip
  • some ideas about the foods you might encounter and enjoy - or want to avoid
  • information about the people who are helping make this trip happen (travel agents, contacts in our destination cities and so on)
  • events going on that you might be interested in because they provide opportunities to prepare and learn for this journey
  • some hints and tools to make the trip easier


You will also find links to provide information about the cities we will be visiting, resources you might find useful / helpful, and email addresses for your primary contacts.


NOTE: you must currently be attending high school in the metro Denver area (including Boulder and in between) to be eligible to go on this trip.


We will be exploring the traditional and modern aspects of Japan as well as expanding language skills and cultural understanding through homestays.


What's new on this website?

We are regularly adding and updating pages on the website. To help you keep up with changes, below is a list of the changes in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top).

  • 31 May - added details to Takayama portion of itinerary
  • 27 May - added details to itinerary
  • 18 April - updated various pages (Events, checklists), removed pointer to fundraising lunch pages
  • 29 March - added Charlene Thai in the Travelers page, since she will meet the group in Tokyo
  • 27 March - added link to Fundraiser page
  • 23 March - updated Trip memories page, first album w/ pics and videos
  • 21 March - added Japanese customs page, the bath, and the toilet pages
  • 20 March - updated weather, packing, and laundry pages
  • 14 March - added volunteer page for fundraising lunch
  •  3 March - updated itinerary page: flight details firmed up
  •  2 March - updated events page, added first photos: follow link 'Trip memories'; updated Japan related links page
  • 29 February - updated checklist page
  • 27 February - added page for trip leader Gail Jackson
  • 22 February - updated checklist page; added Insurance page under FAQs
  • 19 February - updated events page
  • 18 February - added picture for Xander
  •  8 February - updated checklist page
  •  6 February - added events and support pages
  •  5 February - updated price, checklist, and itinerary pages
  • 28 January - updated / corrected various links and pages; added info about Chris
  • 25 January - updated phone number for Sam
  • 24 January - updated pages for Tia, Valentine, Gabe
  • 23 January - added Travelers page
  • 11 November - added details on pricing, updated PASMO card info and application form
  •  7 November - added rough itinerary schedule
  • 28 August - web site first available