Japan - April, 2017
Trip memories


A collection of photo memories from the trip

Here we have organized photos that help us remember this wonderful trip.

There is a separate web page for all the stuff before the trip, and then a page for each day of the trip for which there are pictures to display.

Each page starts with the first photo of the series, with a list of captions for the other photos on the right. To see a photo, click on the caption and the picture will be downloaded. (Sometimes there is a slight delay so have a little patience here.)

Alternatively, there are buttons near the top labeled 'Prev' for previous and 'Next'. You can use these buttons to step through the pictures for that page.

I have indicated the current number of pictures put on each page, to save you trouble of looking at empty pages - and to encourage travelers to submit their pictures to help complete the story.

Wherever it says "No pictures available", I ask you to look through your collection and see if you have some of that event to share.


Available pages:

Pre-trip: Second orientation (7 pictures)
   (Note: we have no pictures from the first orientation.)

April 5-6: Getting there (0 pictures)

April 16: Takayama (1 picture)