Hosting High School Students From Takayama
August 8 - 13, 2017


This page contains the list of all the people who have said they are willing to help us drive the students
around while they are visiting us this August.

Note that we require a background check be run on each person 18 or older who will be driving the students. You can download the form in pdf format here or in Word format here. Please print one form for each driver and fill them out. You may mail completed forms to Denver Sister Cities office:

        2650 E. 40th Ave.
        Denver, CO 80205

or bring them to a meeting. If you have questions call the office at 303-832-1336 or Steve Comstock at 303-355-2752.

We pay the cost of the background check, and it remains valid for a year. If you already have a current background check (for example, local school systems do these checks on their staff), let us know that.

We also require a copy of your driver's license and proof-of-insurance card.

The students this time are here for a very short period, and their host families are responsible for transportation over the weekend. That leaves us with just two days to cover; and one day we have found we can do without drivers. So we really only need drivers for one day!

Note: if you want to send an email to all the drivers, there is a link at the bottom of this page set up for you to do this.


Our Drivers
Driver Name Email address Cell phone # passengers Background
License and
proof of ins.
 *name*   *email*  *cell*  #     

Click this link to send an email to all the drivers..