Hosting High School Students From Takayama
Our Hosting Households
August 8 - 13, 2017


This page contains the list of all households who will be hosting students this August.

Each picture is a link to that person's household page:

just click on the picture and you will see that person's household page for this trip (If there is no picture, click on the 'No Photo' text).

Note: if you want to send an email to the group, there is a link at the bottom of this page set up for you to do this.


Our Hosts
 Primary Contact  Email address  Primary Phone  Student(s) - link to page
   No Photo
Fitt family   n/a  Minatsu Maeda 
 Mao Nishinaga 
   No Photo
Kevin Mann and Jeanna Beard   n/a  Ayumu Iwasa 
   No Photo
Jafek family   n/a  Yosuke Kobayashi 
   No Photo
Jamrich family   n/a  Natsuki Terada 
   No Photo
Migaki family   n/a  Yumika Hayashida 
   No Photo
Sheldon family   n/a  Sae Kurouchi 
 Honoka Nomura 
   No Photo
Yonts family   n/a  Miki Hirase 
 Mizuki Murai 



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