Hosting High School Students From Takayama: Itinerary

Our homestay visit plans

Below is a table with the broad picture of the student itinerary. Below that is a more detailed day-by-day description of the plan as of the date at the bottom of the page.

An itinerary is a plan as of a particular point in time of where to go, when, and how. But plans change, sometimes even from moment to moment. So our plans may change based on weather, surprise opportunities, changing interests, and factors beyond our control.



Days, Dates, and Notes
Day Date Itinerary
Tue 8 August Arrive at DIA
Wed 9 August Touring Denver, 1
Welcome party
Thu 10 August Touring Denver, 2
Fri 11 August Touring Denver, 3
Sat 12 August With host family
Sun 13 August Return to Takayama, flight info



Tue., August 8

Arrival in Denver
* At 12:45 on flight United 142 (Dreamiliner)
* Pick up by host family, taken home

Wed., August 9

Downtown Denver:
Day leader: Spencer Ellis (720-243-2315)
* 8:30 drop off at State Capitol, 200 E. Colfax (at Sherman)
* Tour capitol building dome
* Walk to Mayor's office, meet with Derek Okubo, Mayor Hancock's proxy
* Walk to 1560 Broadway
* Presentation on Colorado colleges and universities
* Walk to 16th street mall
* Walk to Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch
* Bus and walk to Coors Field (Colordado Rockies' stadium) for a tour
* Walk to Sakura Square
* The Govenor Carr story; shopping at Pacific Mercantile
* Host pick up at Sakura, or students escorted on light rail for pick up, or ride with drivers to party site
* 5:30 - 9:00: Welcome party, GeoTech, 2650 E. 40th Ave., Denver

Thu., August 10

Western day:
Day leader: Robin Post (720-271-5439)
* 8:30 - drop off at Southmoor light rail station
* drive to Red Rocks; tour museum; get on the stage (maybe)
* drive to Bear Creek Lake park; picnic, stables, talk with wrangler
* drive to Morrison, shopping, ice cream
* return to Southmoor around 4:00-4:30

Fri., August 11

Zoo, picnic, shopping:
Day leader: Kitty Comstock (303-619-3039)
* 8:30 drop off at Denver Zoo main entrance
* Visit zoo; picnic lunch (packed by host family)
* Drivers take to Cherry Creek mall
* Shopping at Cherry Creek mall
* Pick up at Cherry Creek mall, East side, 2nd level, across from movie theaters at 4:30

Sat., August 12

With host family:
* Whatever they do

Sun., August 13

Return to Japan:
* Meet at DIA at 9:30 a.m.
* Depart on flight United 139 at 12:54