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Student exchange

Downtown day
Welcome party
Western day
Zoo and shopping
Time with host families
Homeward bound

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Students arrive, August 8, 2017
xx xx xx xx xx



Downtown Denver, August 9
xx xx xx xx xx
In the mayor's office Learning about learning Piano on the mall    
xx xx xx xx xx
Coors Field tour Coors Field dugout Coors Field press box Coors Field - mascots  



Welcome party, August 9, 2017
xx TheSarubobo xx xx xx
Early to the welcome party The Sarubobo      



Western Day, August 10
We start with a visit to Red Rocks - the rock concert venue xx xx xx xx
Then we moved on to the riding stables in Morrison xx xx xx xx
  Cliff, the old wrangler Honoka Sae Mizuki
xx xx xx xx xx
Minatsu Mao Miki Natsuki Yumika
A young man named 'Steven' was not shy! xx xx xx xx
  Steven and his fans
xx xx xx xx xx
Paddleboating on Bear Creek Lake        



Zoo and Shopping, August 11
xx xx xx xx xx
At the zoo Wild women      


Time with host family, August 12, 2017
Jeanna Beard, Kevin Mann, and Ayumu Iwasa xx xx xx xx
  Introduction to Rugby On the grill Camping 101 Shooting 101
Jae Sheldon with Sae Kurouchi and Honoka Nomura xx xx Jade and Jasmine Fitt with Minatsu Maeda and Mao Nishinaga xx
  The girls at lunch     Fitt Family time


Homeward bound, August 13, 2017
xx xx xx xx xx
Jae at DIA Lori at DIA      





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