A Vist to Japan - 2018
Frequently Asked Questions

GOES - Global Online Enrollment System


The GOES program is run by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It is a 'trusted traveler' program where you can register in advance, allow a background check, do a face to face interview, and pay a fee. Once you complete all the phases successfully, you are issued a Trusted Traveler number and id card.


The benefits of being a Trusted Traveler

  • At most airports in the US, whether you are flying domestically or internationally, you can go through the TSA Pre-check line
    • No need to take off shoes or belt (but jackets must be removed)
    • No need to remove laptops
    • No need to remove quart bag of liquids (but the limitations on amounts still apply)
    • Your carry on bags still go through electronic scans
    • You still walk through an electronic scan
    • Everyone is still subject to random selection for detailed screening
    • Generally it is a faster, simpler process

  • On return to the US from abroad, you can use the Global Entry Kiosk
    • Instead of lining up in the passport control, simply go to the nearest Global Entry kiosk, scan your passport and fingerprints, and make a customs declaration
    • The kiosk issues a transaction receipt and you go on to baggage claim

  • In some countries (currently Ausralia, the Netherlands, Korea, and Mexico) you can also arrange for their expedited entry programs
    • Some of these programs have additional fees and advance registration requirements
    • Check out the FAQs on the GOES site (see below)


The fee is $100, prepay, nonrefundable. But the resulting Trusted Traveler standing is good for five years.


If you are interested in exploring this option, start here. Take your time and read all the information. If you want to sign up, there is a link to the GOES web portal.

We do not require you to join GOES for this trip. If you travel a lot, we think you will find it a worthwhile investment.