Introduction To Japan - 2020
60th Anniversary Celebration
Getting ready -


There are lots of details to cover to prepare for this trip ...

Gathering information on which to base later insurance decisions:

  • Determine what kind of insurance, if any, you want to purchase. Our discussion about insurance can provide some suggestions; areas to consider:
    • Trip cancellation or delay
    • Baggage loss
    • Accidental death
    • Flight accident
    • Medical coverage
    • Emergency medical evacuation

  • Find out what kind of insurance you already have. Again, the discussion about insurance can provide some insights.
    • Current medical insurance
    • Home or renters insurance
    • Travel related organizations you belong to (or might consider joining) such as AAA
    • Credit card(s) you will be using
    • Note: if you pay for the trip with cash, you can save money, but you will not get credit card coverage

  • Investigate various sources for insurance purchase; again, our discussion about insurance can provide some suggestions. This way, you should have a plan ready for when you actually put money down for the trip.

  • If you will be bringing a cellphone, smartphone, iPhone, pad, tablet, etc. check with your provider about coverage in Japan. (See the Frequently asked questions page and follow the link for 'How do I call japan, and how can I call the States from Japan?')


Paperwork and payments

  • If you are not already a member, join Denver Sister Cities International: click here then scroll down to see the options and fill in necessary information; be sure to check the Takayama committee
  • Provide two copies of your passport inside front 2 pages to the trip leaders; we will use this information for proper spelling of your name on all tickets and other documents. Note that your passport expiration date must be more than six months from the date you arrive in Japan
  • U.S. citizens do not need a visa to visit Japan. If you are traveling using a passport from a country other than the U.S., be sure to confirm if you need a visa to visit Japan. If you require a visa and do not get it, you will be denied boarding on departure and your funds will be forfeit.
  • Consult with your doctor or other medical provider: ensure you have enough medications for the trip; good to have a signed letter with authorization / description of all drugs you will be taking.
  • Provide emergency contact information (names, phone numbers, and email addresses) to the trip leaders.
  • Consider creating an account with the STEPS program and enrolling this trip with them; this makes it easier to replace a lost passport as well as allowing you to get alerts from the Embassy.
  • Plan for your payment schedule: transfer funds to different accounts if necessary. If paying by check or cash, ensure amount available.
  • Sign any necessary release / permissions documents. (See the Checklist page.)




Other preparation

  • Practice Japanese using the language pages on the website
  • Ensure your luggage is in good shape
  • If you will be bringing any electrical items that have three-prong plugs, purchase an adapter that can take your three-prong plug in and use a two-prong plug at the other end
  • Plan your wardrobe: make any necessary purchases to supplement what you already have in place
  • Especially prepare footware: if you will be buying new shoes, allow time to break them in
  • Plan for reading: there will be long plane flights and long train rides.
  • Start walking, building up stamina.