Introduction To Japan - 2020
60th Anniversary Celebration

Itinerary: our travel plans

Below is a table with the broad picture of our itinerary. Below that is a more detailed day-by-day description of the plan as of the date at the bottom of the page. At this point, the details are not filled in; this is because we will fill in the details based on our recommendations and your requests / interests.

An itinerary is a plan as of a particular point in time of where to go, when, and how. But plans change, sometimes even from moment to moment. So our plans may change based on weather, surprise opportunities, changing interests, and factors beyond our control.

[Hiroshima,] Kyoto, Takayama, Tokyo

Note that it is possible to sign up for a pre-trip extension, departing Denver September 30, flying to Hiroshima for a few days, and joining up with the group in Kyoto on October 4. This is included in the itinerary below.


Days, Dates, Itinerary and Notes
Day Date Itinerary
  The Hiroshima
pre-trip extension:
Wed 30 September Leave Denver in A.M. to your gateway city then eventually to Hiroshima
Thu 1 October Arrive Hiroshima ; stay at Hiroshima airport hotel
Fri 2 October To Hiroshima city check in at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima
Sat 3 October Hiroshima site seeing
Sun 4 October To Kyoto, join up with core trip group
  The core trip
(all travelers):
Sat 3 October Leave Denver in A.M. to your gateway city then to Osaka Kansai Airport (KIX)
Sun 4 October Arrive in Osaka, train to Kyoto
Mon 5 October Kyoto
Tue 6 October In Kyoto
Wed 7 October In Kyoto
Thu 8 October To Takayama
Fri 9 October Takayama matsuri, night parade
Sat 10 October Takayama matsuri, daylight events
Sun 11 October in Takayama: Party
Mon 12 October To Tokyo
Tue 13 October In Tokyo
Wed 14 October In Tokyo
Thu 15 October Homeward bound
Narita Express to Narita Airport (NRT)
Depart for Denver, arrive evening of same day(!)



Pre-trip extension group to Hiroshima

Wed., Sept. 30

We're taking off
* Travelers to Hiroshima on separate flights

Thu., October 1

Arrival in Japan at Hiroshima airport
* Travelers met by trip leader
* Quarantine, Immigration (passport)
* Pick up bags, Customs
* Exchange currency
* Set JR passes to activate October 2
* Walk or taxi to Hiroshima Airport Hotel
* Check in, explore area (you can even play golf!)
* Dinner in local restaurant (or just crash!)

Fri., October 2

To Hiroshima
* Breakfast at hotel
* Bus to Hotel Granvia Hiroshima
* Walk to Hiroshima JR station to activate JR passes
* Begin touring
* Dinner TBA

Sat., October 3

Pre-trip extension group:

In Hiroshima
* Breakfast at hotel
* site seeing
* Dinner TBA

Core trip group:

Core group taking off
* Official flight is: TBA
* (Have your flight info handy for the team)

Sun., October 4

Pre-trip extension group:

To Kyoto
* Breakfast at hotel
* trains to Kyoto
* Dinner TBA

Core trip group:

Arrive in Japan
* Immigration / passport control
* Claim checked luggage, if any
* Customs
* Currency exchange
* Transport to Kyoto Hotel
* Check in
* Explore area on foot, dinner, or just crash!

At this point the pre-trip group and the core trip group are together


Mon., October 5

* Breakfast in hotel

Tue., October 6

In Kyoto:
* Breakfast in hotel

Wed., October 7

In Kyoto:
* Breakfast in hotel

Thu., October 8

To Takayama:
* Breakfast on own
* Dinner in hotel

Fri., October 9

In Takayama:
* Breakfast in hotel
* Matsuri / night parade

Sat., October 10

In Takayama:
* Breakfast in hotel

Sun., October 11

In Takayama - Party!:
* Breakfast in hotel

Mon., October 12

To Tokyo:
* Breakfast in hotel, check out, go to train station

Tue., October 13

In Tokyo:
* Breakfast in hotel

Wed., October 14

Last night in Japan for main trip:
* Breakfast in hotel
* Dinner TBA

Thu., October 15

Homeward bound (JR pass and airline ticket):
* Breakfast on own
* Fly home
*   Official itinerary is TBA
*   then TBA, arriving DEN at TBA
Note: arrive on same day we depart due to crossing the International Date Line.