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Commitee Officers

 Provide support for the committee 

Below we list the current officers. You can always indicate your interest in serving in a position.

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Indicate interest in being a vice-chair
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Indicate interest in being treasurer


Single events - organize / lead an event

Note: if you just want to sign up to attend an event, do that from the committee home page. This page is intended for people who will be working these events. Below we list the current events and who is signed up to work them.


 Sakura Square Cherry Blossom Festival, June 24 and 25, 2017 
  • Organize - Susan Weller
    Tasks: organize items to display, sell, or give away; schedule booth workers; make sure setup is done each morning; arrange for take down at end of each day
  • Organize: Marc Hughes
  • Help with booth: Gunnar Recht
  • Help with booth: Kevin Lance
  • Help with booth: Colleen Thum - Sunday

Indicate willingness to organize the Cherry Blossom festival
Indicate interest in working our booth at the Cherry Blossom festival


 Movie fund raising event, 2017 

Indicate willingness to organize the event
Indicate willingness to plan and promote the event




Trip related events / activities

Every trip involves a lot of work, and we try and share this work with many people


 2017 Host visiting high school students from Takayama 
  • Visit co-ordinator / planner - Linda Matarrese
    Tasks: Oversee: site selection; host family arrangements; welcome and or farewell parties
  • Itinerary leader - no volunteer yet
    Tasks: choose locations to visit, arrange tickets / passes, organize drivers
  • Host family organizer - no volunteer yet
    Tasks: find hosts for students, hold orientation session, organize background checks
  • Party organizier - no volunteer yet
    Tasks: find venue, send invitations, monitor responses, organize the event
  • Host family - 3 hosts so far; families not vetted nor selected yet
    Tasks: pick up student on arrival, drop off and pick up on week days, engage student on weekend, take to airport for departure
  • Entertain chaperones - Charlene Thai - will take to dinner
  • Entertain chaperones - Linda Matarrese - will take to dinner
    Tasks: Help entertain chaperones during weekend that students are with host families
  • Driver - Kevin Lance
  • Driver - Linda Matarrese
  • Driver - need 5-7 drivers total
    Tasks: perform carpool tasks during visit

Note: there can be multiple people in all these roles.

Indicate interest in being visit co-ordinator
Indicate interest in being itinerary leader
Indicate interest in being host family organizer
Indicate interest in being party organizer
Indicate interest in hosting a student or chaperone
Indicate interest in entertaining the chaperones
Indicate interest in being a driver


 2017 Fall Japan trip 

Indicate interest in being trip co-ordinator
Indicate interest in being trip leader
Indicate interest in being on trip committee


Year 'round support

 Year round tasks and activities 

Host monthly meetings in home

Indicate willing to host a monthly meeting


International ski pass project

Indicate interest in heading project
Indicate interest in supporting the project


Long term high school student exchange

Indicate interest in heading project
Indicate interest in working on the project


City-in-a-suitcase program (artifacts in a suitcase form the basis for presentations to schools and other organizations)

Indicate interest in organizing suitcase
Indicate interest in making presentations


Social media manager (establish / maintain committee presence on facebook, twitter, linked-in, etc.)

Indicate interest in maintaining social media.
     Indicate which media you will help with:


Promotional materials developer (create fliers, posters, bookmarks, etc.)

Indicate interest in creating promotional materials


Maintain Takayama display case in City and County Building (annual clean, occasionally redo contents)

Indicate interest in managing the display case
Indicate interest in helping with the display case


Youth programs (connect with national Sister Cities Young Artists and Authors Showcase and High School Homestay Exchange programs, look for local connection possibilities)

  • Youth program leader - no volunteer yet

Indicate interest in leading youth program
Indicate interest in working on the youth program


Impact recorder (keep track of economic impact and hours worked doing committee activities)

  • Impact recorder - no volunteer yet

Indicate interest in keeping track of econmic impact of committee


Caller - contact members who do not have email

  • Caller - Rose Tanaka

Indicate interest in calling members with no email


Trip alumni coordinator (keep in touch with past travelers)

  • Trip alumni coordinator - no volunteer yet

Indicate interest in maintaining contact with trip alumni



Thinking outside the box

 Ideas / events / activities not shown 

Think outside the box

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