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2015 Events

High School Visit from Takayama
Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Kimiko Side Party
Wellshire Party
Arrival of delegations
Cherry Blossom Festival
City of Takayama Park clean up
Introduction to Japan trip

Move of yatai

Takayama Committee home


High school visit from Takayama: August 5-10, 2015
at DIA Mariko Mariko Mariko at DIA
Host families and friends gather Mariko leads the way Happy to be here The group Students, hosts, and others
at DIA Rockies game chaperones chaperones chaperones
Students and host families Hikaru at Rockies game Chaperones at Go Fish Chaperones at Go Fish,2 Chaperones at Go Fish, 3
Day 1: light rail light rail train train
  Waiting for the train Waiting for the train, 2 Day leaders confer That's our train
Union station Union station Union station
At Union Station At Union Station At Union Station    
baseball baseball baseball
At Coors Field At Coors Field At Coors Field    
Lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory        
On the 16th Street mall        
mayor mayor mayor chaperones citron bistro
Meeting the mayor Walking to the light rail The big blue bear Chaperones at Citron Bistro Chaperones at Citron Bistro
Evening of Day 1 park park park park
Evening activities Hikaru and Jack at Takayama Park Hikaru and Jack at Takayama Park Hikaru at Takayama Park Hikaru - burger time
park park dinner go carts go carts
Hikaru - ice cream time Hikaru with origami Making dinner Hiroki, Connor, and electric go-carts We come to race!
park park park    
And the winner is ... I can fly this thing It's a tough life!
Day 2: zooo zooo zooo zooo
  At the zoo At the zoo At the zoo Lego leopard
zooo zooo zooo zooo zooo
Lego leopard Giraffe feeding Lego polar bear Real peacock Lego crane
zooo zooo
Lego crane Lego lion      
zooo zooo zooo zooo
Lunch time game Lunch time game Student in a tree Hide-san in a tree  
At the Museum of Nature and Science        
Need pictures from Cherry Creek Mall here
Shopping at Cherry Creek Mall        
Evening of Day 2 park park park park
Evening activities Barbecue at Ospina's It's all good! The food is good So are the games
park park park park park
Health food(?) S'mores anyone? Hiroki's light show and dance Hiroki's light show and dance Hiroki's light show and dance
park park
Yum - unless you're a vegetarian Setting off fireworks
Activities with host families: White Fence Farm White Fence Farm White Fence Farm White Fence Farm
  White Fence Farm White Fence Farm White Fence Farm White Fence Farm
Mount evans Mount evans Mount evans park park
Miyu at Mount Evans Wildlife on Mount Evans Miyu on top of the world At Cave of the Winds Adams County Fair
park park park gun park
Is that a cow or a bull? Fair food Got mah hands on a gun! Check out the rifle! I'm goin' shopping!
        Jet lag hits
train train
Riding the Georgetown loop Our folks + conductor!      
The Sayonara party: sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara
  Sayonara party - sushi boat Mariko helps set up The spread Charlene chows down
sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara
Dishing up The crowd The crowd The crowd The crowd
sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara
The program begins The program The program The program The program
sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara
Kitty watching Kitty, Stacey, and Monica Hide-san tells his story Mariko-san tells her story Getting ready for the dance
sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara
Getting ready for the dance Students and host families dance Students and host families dance Winding down  
sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara
Gotta' pack it all in Getting ready Getting ready Passport: check! Kotona's ready
sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara sayonara
Checkng in Students and chaperones Everyone Just before security Disappearing into the crowd



Cherry Creek Arts festival: July 4, 2015
Venue Origami 1 followers music Rei
The Janus Art Experience tent Follow my direction And they all followed A little music while you work on your origami Rei explains it all
success Origami 1 obi Marie obi Marie
Akila has two prizes Ways to tie an obi Marie gets her obi Marie in kimono
kimono kimono kimono CCAF 1 Ready
Colleen in kimono Group in kimono Kimono backs Osamu and Akila Flute ensemble



55th Anniversary Celebration at the Kimiko Side house: July 3, 2015
kimiko Coll & Char Ready    
Kimiko In Charge Cookin' Up A Storm Hangin' In The Kitchen Kobayashi Gets Dressed Kicking Back
Three workers Coll & Char Ready    
Rodger and Gail watching it all Hiromi fending off the paparazzi Chika and friends Quite a feast Happy to be in Denver
Three workers Coll & Char Ready    
Sushi and sashimi Armed and dangerous Hirakawa family having a good time Mayor Kunishima speaks Consul General Ito speaks



55th Anniversary Celebration at the Wellshire: July 2, 2015
wellshire tags clarinet stansifer rehearse
The Wellshire Event Center Name tags set to go Clarinet rehearsal Carla Stansifer and Dan Brown Sing-along rehearsal
our board kimono sari networking hansen
Takayama display Kobayashi and Kitty Kobayash and the Desais Mary Lee, Hiromi, Gil, and Marc Bert and Diane Hansen
our board kimono sari ikeda d&g
Charlene, Colleen, Meena, Maulin, Steve Kazue, Toshi, and Ichiro Marc Hughes and Samantha Schmitz Mamiko and Homare Ikeda That's the spirit!
red side akila proc proc
Lady in red Steve plays emcee Akila translates Derek reads the Mayor's proclamation Kunishima accepts the Mayor's proclamation
red koto ito toast toast
A gift for Mayor Hancock A gift from TDFA Consul General Ito speaks A toast: to friends, to Takayama; kanpai! Music Book Flute Ensemble
side ikeda barry tidwell friends
Gene Side and Minoru Nakahata Kobayashi and Kimiko Yuka Nakada and Barry Albright Suzue Sato and Cleve Tidwell The Nabeshimas and Hiromi
toast C&G bliss char friends
Diane and Bert and Ron and Julie Colleen Thum and Gayle Stallings Let's put our heads together Charlene Thai and Chris Arneson Chris Rutan and Celsa Rutan
toast C&G bliss char friends
Colleen and Charlene Michael Thornton and Donna Altieri Gail Jackson Christina and Macy Diane Hansen and Pam Endsley
toast C&G CG char friends
Melody and Ed Durso France Addington-Lee, Karen Nakandakare, Tyler Rauert Makoto and Grace Ito and Derek Okubo Nina and Larry Rupp Tom Taggart and Bert Hansen
toast C&G CG char friends
Jim Laurie and Macy Stephens Maya Stephens and Ichiro Shimizu Rose Tanaka, Jeannie Johnson, Jane Vennard Sachiko, Sachiko, Jolie, and Rose Teddie Throm
toast C&G CG char dee
Jo Anne, Shelley, and Tom Migaki Jim Wagenlander and Mary Lee Chin Gil Asakawa Beth Hendrix and Consul General Ito Linda and Sandy Dee
britt linda CG char dee
Sachiko Nakahira and Britt Bayer Linda Matarrese Bev Little and Mo Mathews Chris Arneson, Marie Verrett, and Akihiro Izumi Singing 'Medeta' - traditional song
clarinet linda CG char dee
Clarinet ensemble A lesson in kimono Charlene in kimono Kitty in kimono Back of Kitty's kimono
kimono linda CG char dee
Back of kimono for Colleen and Charlene Seisuke Nakada - President of Takayama City Council Take 3 Imagine Iwahata joins in
banjo sing CG    
Furusato Mayor Kunishima joins in Mary Lee and Jim follow along Hiromi Mochizuki and Erin Yoshimura Kanpai!



Meeting the travelers: July 1 & 2, 2015
waiting old friends Kyoko in front of mural  
Rei, Derek, Kimiko, Steve Gail and Kobayashi Kyoko In front of mural  



Cherry Blossom Festival: June 27-28, 2015
Three workers Alternate Ready Gayle and Robin Five
Carla, Brigitte, and Sachiko Another angle Ready to begin Gayle Stallings and Robin Post Jeanna, Charlene, Colleen, , and Elisa
Check out this noren



City of Takayama Park clean up day: May 16, 2015
Wise men Tom Plan Plan2 Trimming
Three wise men The venerable Tom Taggart Mapping out the plan Mapping out the plan, 2 Trimming
hauling Hiroo trimming Trimming Trimming
Hauling Hiroo Trimming Trimming Trimming
super1 Work trimming Trimming Trimming
Tom supervises Crew at work Crew at work Crew at work Crew at work
The whole crew



2015 Introduction to Japan trip: April 12-23, 2015
Trippers at Dinner Chopsticks Friends Takayama Takayama
Gayle, Colleen, Meena, Maulin Meena and Maulin learn chopsticks Family and friends of the trippers Raw Takayama day Kan pai! - a toast
breakfast Street scene Sake thumbs up dinner
Breakfast in Takayama Streetwalkers Sake tasting You don't wanna' know! Sayonara dinner
kimono-1 kimono-2 kimono-3 Kyoto

More pictures on the trip site pages

All dressed up Meena and Maulin in kimono Strolling through town in kimono At the Golden Pavillion, Kyoto Trip site pictures



Setsubun: February 3, 2015
Oni thumbnail Lincoln thumbnail Oni thumbnail Bean throwers Mikhayla
Our Oni this year: Lincoln Hendrix Another look at Lincoln Hendrix Oni fending off beans! All the bean throwers are ready! Mikhayla gets into it!
Kaden Steve and oni Guests - 1 Guests - 2 Guests - 3
Kaden challenges the oni Steve threatens the oni In the open area Open area from other side Steve butts in
Guests - 4 Guests - 5 Guests - 6 Guests - 7 Guests - 8
Jane, Bridget, and Chip Linda is ready to eat Old friends David and Suzue Rei, Rose, and Cleve Mikhayla, Sasha, Tamara
Guests - 9
Debbie and Jack Kacik





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