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2018 Committee Events

Shinnenkai January 13
Setsubun February 11
Delegation, March 15
Takayama Park
Culture Day, November 3

Events of other organizations

Colorado Anime Fest

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Events for Denver Takayama:


Shinnenkai, January 13 at home of T.R. Reid
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Gene and Kimiko Side Matusmoto family and Hiromi Sachiko, Kaoru and Carol-Lynne Tom, the Hirakobas, and David Kumpe Risa and Masaki Hirano
Some of the desserts!        


Setsubun, February 11 at Sonoda's
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In the side room The sushi roll challenge - Jeff The sushi roll challenge - Roger Craig and Gayle The Oni mask



Delegation visits Mayor Hancock, March 15
Osamu Hirakawa and Hayshi Kobayashi visited Denver March 12-16. While they had various appointments other days, on March 15 they met with Mayor Hancock in his office. one two three four
  Kobayashi and the Mayor Kimiko and the Mayor discuss our trip flyer Hirakawa presents Mayor with gift of rice Love the rice!



City of Takayama Park work day, May 20
the 2018 workday was different from any other, due to the fact that the Buddhist group Soka Gakkai volunteered to plant cherry trees in the park. Actually, they planted cherry trees along the Cherry Creek, from Colorado Blvd. to University Blvd. The Easternmost side of that stretch is where the City of Takayama Park is located. We took advantage of this occasion to have Parks and Rec help us find and relocate additional decorative rocks to Takayama park. five five
      In Red Rocks Park Here's a good one!


Saturday May 12, I visited the park and saw the newly obtained rocks ready to be moved; here's a video as I walked towards the park:


Here's the rocks before final placement: ===> five five    
  Starting configuration Starting configuration    


Monday May 14, a small crew, lead by Darell, Hiro, and Patrick, guided a Parks and Rec crew in placing the rocks; lots of work like this:


five five      
Hiro Hiraga and Patrick Allen Darell Havener, in hat     Now we're all set for the actual work day, Sunday May 20.



Sunday May 20, was the official work day:

five five five five  
Trimming a character pine Waiting for the ceremony Waiting for the prigram Taiko kicks it off  
five five five   five
The big dig Dignitaries and tree Lauren Planting   At the end of the work day


And here's what the park looked like after:




Bunka No Hi (Culture Day), Nov. 3
The University of Denver Department of Languages and Literatures sponsored our first ever Culture Day celebration, in Sturm Hall on the D.U. Campus one two three four
  Display tables in the hall Nodoka Epel talks about caligraphy Yumino Kimura reads her poetry Tina Proctor tells the old goddess stories
one one two three four
Thomas DeZauche on Buddhist influence on art Ghost Paintings, 1 Ghost Paintings, 2 Ghost Paintings, 3 Ikebana by Jaishree Shunmugaraj
one one two three four
Ikebana by Jaishree Shunmugaraj Something fishy here - shaving bonito Music to lift the spirit Music to lift the spirit Music to lift the spirit



Events for other organizations

Colorado Anime Fest, March 24-25, 2018
We have a presence Next to CDBF Marc dressed Mariko A Jedi night?
We have a presence Next to Dragon Boat Festival Marc dressed for the occasion A Wizard? A Jedi night?
Princess 1 Princess 2 Princess 3 A magician Chastity
We have a princess Princess 2 Princess 3 A magician Heck of a chastity belt!
Princess 4 Princess 5 Her name is 'Sakura' Comin' down the escalator Bit startling
Princess 4 Princess 5 Her name is 'Sakura' Comin' down the escalator Bit startling





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