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August 1:
August 2:
   City: mayor, yatai, zoo, shopping
August 3-4:
   Weekend with hosts
August 5:
   Mountains and farewell party
August 6:

Visit: August 1-6
shin01 shin01 After a 3 hour wait, everyone was tired and just hustled off to the host homes
Ready to meet All together  
Steve and Kitty took the chaperones out to Max Gill and Grill shin01 shin01
  Rei and Manaka Ice cream for dessert
Day One Bright and early the next morining, all gathered at the City and County building to meet Mayor Hancock shin01
     Mia and Yuho
shin01 shin01 shin01
Azusa and Tomoka Misaki and Natsuho Okina and Honami
shin01 shin01 shin01
Rei and Manaka In front of the Mayor's office Meeting the Mayor
On to view the yatai A gift from the city of Takayama to the city of Denver in 1964, an effort to restore and repair this yatai is part of the work getting ready for the 2020 celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Denver / Takayama relationship shin01
    Check out the yatai
Then off to the Denver Zoo shin01 shin01
  At the zoo Students on display!
A quick stop at the City of Takayama Park shin01  
  At Takayama Park  
Finally, some shopping at Cherry Creek Mall    
The chaperones went to dinner with the Comstocks at Misaki at Stanley Market shin01  
  Misaki at Stanley  
Weekend time with host families Ann Fazzini: Miya Oshita and Yuho Kumazaki: shin01
    Miya and Yuho at Arapaho National Forest
shin01 shin01 shin01
Miya and Rosie Yuho and Rosie Yuho and Miya cooking
shin01 shin01 shin01
Miya and Belle Yuho and Belle Elitch's!
Bivens family: Okina Taniguchi and Yuho Kumazaki: shin01 shin01
  Top of the world! Glenwood Springs
Snowmass at Aspen    
Yonts family: Misaki Funasaka and Natsuho Taguchi: shin01 shin01
  Cave of the Winds Panning for Treasure
s'mores at the Yonts' house    
Bennett family: Yakumo Ozaki: shin01  
  Yakumo and Cody  
Day Two - Monday August 5 Meet at Colorado and Hampden, ready to head into the mountains  
First stop: Red Rocks    
On to Bear Creek Lake Stables    
Picnic at Skunk Hollow   shin01
    Along Bear Creek
Paddleboating at Evergreen Lake Boat House shin01  
  Ready for paddle boating  
The farewell dinner shin01  
August 6: Returning    







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