Journey Into Japan - 2019
Behind the tourist façade
Denver Takayama Sister Cities


Kanazawa as we see it

(From Wikitravel): "Kanazawa is one of the overlooked jewels of Japanese tourism - although not by the Japanese, who visit in droves. Its relatively remote location, off the beaten (shinkansen) track, has perhaps unfairly contributed to a lower number of foreign tourists. However for those travellers who want to see perhaps the best-preserved major Edo-period city in the country (along with Takayama), it is hard to beat. Kyoto's offerings of temples and shrines are all very well, but Japanese history and culture is not just about them. The samurai, the merchants, the geisha, and the lords have all left their mark on Kanazawa in a compact, easily navigable central area. Kanazawa is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a City of Crafts and Folk Art. Kanazawa cuisine is famous throughout Japan, particularly its seafood since it lies in the sweet spot of the hot south and cold north currents. The quality of food is so high, that essentially you'll eat good food whatever the price."


We will be staying at the APA Hotel Kanazawa-Ekimae. This stunning hotel is in a great location and promises to be more than just a room to sleep in.

Some things to do in Kanazawa

Here is a list of suggested sites to see / things to do in Kanazawa...