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Takayama Park Work Day, May 22


Events for Denver Takayama:

The coronavirus pandemic of March 2020 through most of 2021 forced us to cancel in-person events. This work day was the first official opportunity to get together in person, and we had the largest work crew ever show up - everyone wanted to see people face to face.


Work day at Takayama Park, May 22
Park sign Before shot 1 Before shot 2
Park sign before Before we begin, 1 Before we begin, 2
Before shot 3 Before shot 4 Before shot 5
Before we begin, 4 Before we begin, 5 Can't read the sign from the street
signing in People working People working
Wayne handles the paperwork Find a spot and start working View from the sign
all working Darell and Kent ****
Some weed, some tree trim Darell and Kent scope it out Charles and Kevin
Paul and mom New friends Kent
Paul Noguera's mom came to help Vivian and Damian The master at work
WayneAndKitty Marie Misty
Wayne and Kitty confer Marie the weed killer Misty is armed and dangerous
John JonAndGil Unknown
The masked stranger Our secretary and our chair David McPeters
Unknown2 Unknown5 TheOlPros
Travis Pazin Dave Regan The old pros
TreeDone sign-070 SignAfterTrim
This tree is done well Darell and Calvin trim the tree Now the sign is visible
WrappingUp BagginIt Gil+PasserBy
Wrapping up for the day Discarding the weeds and trimmings Gil asks a passerby to take our picture
Our intrepid volunteers





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