High School Students to Japan
June 5-19, 2018


Here are photos to help us all remember this wonderful trip.

Click on the link for any of the activities below and you will find a page with all the pictures we've included for that activity. On each of these pages you can view a picture simply by clicking on the picture description. There are also 'prev' and 'next' buttons to allow you to look at the pictures on a page in sequence.

I have indicated the current number of pictures put on each page, to save you trouble of looking at empty pages - and to encourage travelers to submit their pictures to help complete the story.

Wherever it says "No pictures available", I ask you to look through your collection and see if you have some of that event to share. We'll also also look at pictures to supplement those we do have.

Please note that if you use the 'next' button to step through the pictures on a page, depending on the speed of your internet link you may see the caption change, then a short pause, then the new picture will display. Have a little patience.


Available pages:
June 5-6: Getting to Japan (6 pictures)
June 7: Getting to Takayama (3 pictures)
June 8: First day in Takayama (17 pictures)
June 9: Host family time (3 pictures)
June 10: Host family time + Welcome Party (19 pictures)
Short video of the Saxaphone Quartet at the Welcome Party
June 11: Takayama touring (27 pictures)
June 12: Cable car and kimono (19 pictures)
June 13: Leave Takayama for Kyoto (17 pictures)
June 14: Around Kyoto (8 pictures)
June 15: Osaka and Nara (7 pictures)
June 16: Tokyo! (4 pictures)
June 17: Touring Tokyo (16 pictures)
June 18: Touring Tokyo (5 pictures)